Lamentations: Fallen Astonishingly

Listen to the Lamentations of Jeremiah, narrated by our teacher, B. David Truksa:
Lament One

This three-week survey of Jeremiah’s Lamentations began on June 13, 2020. We looked into these five laments as preface to a careful study of Ephesians. Note that this is a survey through the book, not a detailed, word-for-word study. Rather than exploring each essential thought in detail, we covered the basic themes instead, and especially as they relate to the message of Ephesians.

We pray that your time in Lamentations will be productive and instructive.

Please notice that the complete Study Outlines and Notes have been compiled, indexed and published. They are available free of charge by clicking here.

Study 1
(June 13, 2020)
Historical Setting and Literary Structure
(Selected Verses)

Download Study Notes (PDF)

Study 2
(June 20, 2020)
The Lessons of Lamentations
(Selected Verses)

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Study 3
(June 27, 2020)
Lamentations and Ephesians
(Selected Verses)

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