Joel: The Day of Yahweh

Click here to listen to the prophecy of Joel, narrated by our teacher, B. David Truksa.

We are excited to begin a thorough, word-for-word examination of the text of the Old Testament prophet, Joel. I personally want to encourage you to read the book through a few times (say, two or three) before you get started with the study, to fix in your mind what Joel says, even if you don’t understand what it means yet.

Then, study along with us. Click on the title of the study to listen to the message, and click on the link below each message to download the complete study notes for that lesson in .PDF format. For some lessons, a Powerpoint presentation will be used as well. In those cases, an additional link below the notes will allow you to download a .PDF of the Powerpoint as well.

New studies will be preached every Wednesday evening! Stay tuned and follow along with us!

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Study 5
(October 13, 6025)
Review of Joel 1:1-9
(Joel 1:1-9; Selected Verses)

No study notes available. See previous studies.

Study 4
(March 24, 6025)
Cut Off from the House of Yahweh
(Joel 1:8-9)

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Study 3
(March 17, 6025)
A Nation Has Invaded My Land
(Joel 1:4-7)

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Study 2
(March 10, 6025)
Hear This
(Joel 1:1-3)

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Study 1
(March 3, 6025)
Introduction: Literal Hermeneutics and Daniel’s Seventy Weeks
(Selected Verses)
Due to technical issues, no audio is available for this study.

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