Our Servants

Following the example of Christ Joshua, who came not to be served but to serve, the following members of our congregation have been officially recognized as servants of the body.

Please take a moment to meet them!

Sarah Brown is a Deaconess. She has been tested by our congregation, and her service has been found faithful and beyond reproach. She was saved from sin and rescued from God’s wrath more than two decades ago, and has been faithfully serving our congregation from its beginning. She serves us in many ways, but is currently functioning as the church’s treasurer.

Contact Sarah.

Chris Schumann is a Deaconess, having been tested and found faithful and beyond reproach in her service by our congregation. She was rescued from sin’s power and God’s wrath nearly 2 years ago, and has been serving our congregation faithfully since it was established. She serves the body in several ways, including organizing our weekly love feasts and preparing our sanctuary for each meeting.

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