Who We Are

Students of the Scripture (SoS) is a small, local and autonomous church located in Lincoln, Nebraska. We are not affiliated with any Christian denomination, and we are not recognized by any government as an “organization,” non-profit or otherwise.

We love all men, and honor and obey our government. And at the same time, we belong to the great Master of all: King Joshua of Nazareth. Because He has purchased us, our greatest allegiance is to Him. And although we are citizens of the great, earthly nation in which we live, our final citizenship is in the Kingdom that King Joshua has promised to establish on this earth in the future.

As an assembly of those called out of sin’s darkness, we are committed to three purposes: faithful devotion to King Joshua, unreasonable obedience to His revealed will, and passionate love for all people everywhere.

To accomplish those three purposes, we apply ourselves diligently to studying the Christian Scriptures.

We are honored that you are taking the time to get to know us. Will you give us the same chance to get to know you? Contact us today!